Reaction Force Manager JHB
Fidelity Services Group
Johannesburg, Gauteng
Posted 10 March 2020

Job Details

Job Description

  • Holding of inspection parades daily
  • Asses training requirements of shift monthly
  • Always maintain a high level of discipline on the shift
  • Attend to all disciplinary actions as needed
  • Planning of the shift leave/on a leave chart for each shift monthly
  • Recommending of leave (Annual/sick/compassionate/study as requested 
  • Merit assessment of all personnel on a cycle basis
  • Administer performance bonuses of personnel monthly
  • Administer time sheets and overtime of personnel monthly
  • Assist the area manager with interviews of potential candidates for employment as requested
  • General wellbeing of all personnel always
  • Take full control and management over all the Hubs
  • Always ensure the efficient planning and performance of these Hubs
  • Always ensure that these Hubs are fully manned and operated
  • Always ensure that security and safety regulations are adhered to by the Hubs


  • Reporting of availability of vehicles to Area Manager and Fleet Controller daily
  • Planning of services, routine maintenance, etc. on an on-going basis
  • Reporting of all defects on vehicles to Fleet Manager/Area Manager on a weekly basis
  • Immediate completion and handing in of all MVA forms
  • Always ensure that the vehicles are clean at every shift