Regional Fleet Manager
Fidelity Services Group
Cape Town, Western Cape
Posted 28 November 2019

Job Details

Job Description

The above position is vacant at Western Cape Region. Reporting to the Regional Executive.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Matric/Grade 12 Certificate or equivalent. PSIRA Grade A registered.
  • Mechanical Engineering or Petrol and Diesel Mechanic/ qualification N6
  • Valid Driver’s License with own reliable transport.
  • At least 10 years’ experience in the transport industry managing large fleets and workshops.
  • At least 5 years’ experience in the Services Industry (Security/ Cleaning etc).
  • Working knowledge of the Firearm Act and Firearm competency.
  • Staff management experience is required.
  • Computer literacy with expert knowledge of the complete Microsoft package.
  • No criminal record or any pending cases.
  • Sound planning, administration, interpersonal communication and client liaison skills are required.
  • Strong leadership and organisational skills as well as good interpersonal and communication skills are essential.
  • Knowledge of ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management and its requirements.

Key Performance Areas: (not totally inclusive): 

Controlling of repair and maintenance budgets:

  • Obtain budgets from branch.
  • Compare of quotations.
  • Issue official orders within the limits of authority.
  • Monthly feedback meetings with General/Regional managers and Regional Executive.
  • Check that all repairs are captured in the FGT8 report (On SAP).


Controlling of fuel budgets:

  • Obtain list from branches of all fuel allocations.
  • Make adjustments where possible.
  • Report on all excessive fuel usage.
  • Report any abuse to Senior Management.
  • Compare monthly statements with fuel slips.
  • Conduct ADHOC visits to petrol stations to combat possible fraud.
  • Monthly forecast on new petrol prices (usage/ litres used).
  • All company and private vehicles using company fuel must have a logbook.
  • Regular inspections of logbooks.
  • Make sure that all fuel transactions are captured in the FGT6 report (On SAP).

Maintenance of company vehicles:

  • Each vehicle must have a service record and schedule.
  • All vehicles must have a fleet number.
  • Repair damaged vehicles.
  • All vehicles must be kept clean where possible.
  • Report all damages to senior management.
  • Vehicles must portray FSS image.
  • Submit proposals on how to reduce costs.

Repair and maintenance service providers:

  • Obtain list of approved suppliers.
  • Monthly visits to service centres.
  • Negotiate better prices where possible.
  • Update preferred suppliers list 6x monthly.
  • An official order must be given prior commencement of work on vehicles.
  • Always scrutinize on major repairs.
  • Ensure warranties.

Monthly payment to suppliers:

  • Randomly compare invoices with official orders.
  • Any discrepancies must be investigated.
  • Arrange payment.
  • Discuss monthly costs with FSS Management.

Branch Visits:

  • Submit a branch visit list to the Regional Executive and branches.
  • Visit your two Branches twice a month (bough Branches on the same day).
  • Notify the Regional Executive and PA daily via SMS of whereabouts.

Vehicles inspections:

  • Weekly inspections must be conducted.
  • Completion of official vehicle checking list.
  • All vehicles must have a spare wheel, jack, triangle, and wheel spanner.
  • Check all license discs.
  • All fleet numbers must be clearly visible.
  • Obtain roadworthy and COF’s certificates on all company vehicles where required.


  • Regular testing of drivers at branch level.
  • All drivers must attend the driver’s assessment course.
  • All drivers must have a valid SA driver’s license.
  • All drivers must have an official person file.
  • Drivers must always be dressed in proper company uniform whilst on duty.
  • All drivers must wear an official company ID card whilst on duty.
  • Establish all drivers training requirement.
  • Regular driver evaluations.


  • All accidents must be attended by a senior manager of FSS.
  • All accidents must be fully investigated.
  • Ensure that the accident report is completed in detail.
  • Ensure that the report is submitted to all role players.
  • Disciplinary actions must be taken against all guilty parties’ claims.
  • Following up on all accident repairs.

Fleet assets registers:

  • All branch fleet assets registers must be updated monthly.
  • All General/ Regional Managers must be consulted monthly.
  • Arrange regular meetings with the asset register administrator.


  • Obtain monthly list of all fines per branch.
  • Report multiple transgressions to management.
  • Ensure deductions from drivers are made.
  • Submit proposals on how to reduce fines.


  • Obtain the approved Capex budget breakdown from the Regional Financial manager.
  • Liaise with all General/ Regional Managers together with the procurement department regarding the purchasing schedule.
  • Maintain monthly update on all purchases.
  • All disposal documents must be fully completed prior to submission.
  • Where vehicles are going to be sold.
  • 3x quotations must be obtained.
  • Proper clear photos must also be submitted.
  • All quotations must be submitted to the Regional Executive and Procurement manager for discussion and approval thereof.

Vehicles transfers:

  • Branches must forward information to you.
  • Ensure all documentation is properly completed.
  • Completed documentation must be forwarded to all parties concerned.
  • Asset registers must be updated.

Meetings with Regional Executive:

  • Attend monthly scheduled meetings with Regional Executive.
  • Completed, submit and present monthly report.
  • The report must consist of the following…
  • List of vehicles per branch.
  • Split between departments.
  • Fuel usage per vehicle.
  • Highlights excessive usage.
  • Repair and maintenance costs.
  • Compare figures with quotations.
  • Detailed accident report.
  • Discuss 3rd party claims.
  • Feedback on disciplinary actions against drivers.
  • Capex purchase for the month.
  • List of all outstanding Capexes.
  • Feedback on branch visits.
  • Meetings held with suppliers.
  • Drivers training report.

Vehicle Management system:

  • Detailed scrutinizing of all reports.
  • Highlight continued high costs per vehicle.
  • Compare the FGT 1 with the asset register.
  • Discuss the FGT 6/8 with the respective senior manager.
  • Where applicable, ensure that all General/ Regional and fleet managers all utilizing the VMS to assist them in managing costs.

Vehicle Tracking

  • Insure that vehicles are monitored daily.
  • Tracking reports must be included in your accident documentation.
  • Investigate all exertion reports.

Other personality attributes:

  • Assertiveness
  • Initiative
  • Strong leadership ability
  • Presentable

Core Competencies:                                                            

  • Analytical, Critical Thinking & Planning skills
  • Leadership & Self Development
  • Goal Setting & Organisational skills
  • Driving & Managing change
  • Driven for results
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Communication direction & skills
  • Development of others
  • Customer focus
  • Teamwork


Interested candidates whose credentials best match the requirements can send their CV’s before close of business on 10/12/2019 to 

We reserve the right not to make an appointment to any advertised position.

Whilst preference is given to existing employees at all times and the choice made purely on merit, Historically Disadvantaged Candidates and Disabled Candidates are encouraged and supported in the FSG team.

Fidelity Services Group (Pty) Ltd supports global fair practice and business ethics on continuous development of our human capital as the key resource to our success in the markets in which we participate.

Should you not be contacted regarding this position within 10 working days from the closing date, please regard your application as unsuccessful.